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Thursday Special: Gold Inside

Golden Lights


Suspended Lights, Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey


Thursday’s Special: Gold Inside


Color My World

Discovery inspires me. A new place, a new country, a new building, a new culture. And using those discoveries to help me know myself adds to the inspiration.


Haiga Sofia, 6 a.m., Istanbul, Turkey

WPC: Inspiration


Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

Interior of Hagia Sofia. The building did not appear to be well maintained.

Interior of Hagia Sofia museum.  Built between 532 and 537, Hagia Sofia served as a church and a mosque before becoming a museum. The building does not appear to be well maintained.

WPC: Intricate

Istanbul: Turkish Delight

Dusk at Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque

On weekends old town Istanbul teems with locals and tourists. I wandered through the Hippodrome area early Sunday evening, and it was still crowded with people enjoying the lovely spring weather. If I looked to my right, the setting sun lit up the facade of Hagia Sofia; to my left, the growing twilight threw the Blue Mosque into deepening shadows. Amazing how different the light was on each building at the same moment.

Twilight at the Blue Mosque

Twilight at the Blue Mosque

Hagia Sofia at dusk

Hagia Sofia at dusk


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