Time Squared: # 10

Quiet Time

Early morning in Istanbul. Blue Mosque/Sultan Ahmet Mosque

Join Becky’s 30 day December Square Challenge. It’s simple. Photos must be square and must be related to time, literally or figuratively. Day 10


Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak

Sri Pada or Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Buddha’s footprints are said to be atop Sri Pada, Sri Lanka’s sacred mountain. Others contend they are Adam’s footprints. Thousands of pilgrims follow curving paths up the side of Sri Pada to visit the holy site.

DP: Mountain

From Dawn to Dusk

Rosy Dawn in Istanbul



The Blue Mosque with a blush of pink.

Photo101 Rehab: Available Light From Dusk to Dawn

SL-Week 7: Night

Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak), Sri Lanka

The Path to the Top -  Sri Pada, Sri Lanka

The Path to the Top – Sri Pada, Sri Lanka

SL Week 7: Night


Color My World

Discovery inspires me. A new place, a new country, a new building, a new culture. And using those discoveries to help me know myself adds to the inspiration.


Haiga Sofia, 6 a.m., Istanbul, Turkey

WPC: Inspiration

Sunday Stills: Cups

Holy Cups



Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Cups

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