Magical Season

Lights, Music, Decorations

Christmas Has Always Been My Favorite Holiday. It’s Magic to Me

Tree Decorations, Hillwood Museum, Washington, DC

Christmas Wreath, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg, France

Hanukkah Dreidel, Union Station, Chicago, Illinois

Santa Claus Ice Carving, Ice Park, North Pole, Alaska

Orchard Road, Singapore

The Best Song to Play Over and Over

Join Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 63: Magical

2016 In Retropsect

2016 Was A Very Good Year

2016 took me to new cities and countries, to family gatherings and photography classes, to art exhibitions and dawn excursions, and to piazzas and Christmas markets. The gallery of photos features some of my favorites for my posts in 2016.

Posted to WPC: Retrospective and  Thursday’s Special: 2016 Retrospective  Thanks to Paula at Lost in Translation for her great challenges over the past year.

Istanbul Gallery Added

Check out my new page, Istanbul, A Turkish Delight, that includes a gallery of photos from my trip to Istanbul in April. Enjoy.

Dock along the Bosphorus waterfront, Istanbul, Turkey.

Dock along the Bosphorus waterfront, Istanbul, Turkey.

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