Juxtaposing Styles

When Moorish Meets Renaissance

Detail from the Mezquita, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, which combines portions of a Moorish mosque and a Ren, Cordoba, Spain

Detail from the interior of the Mezquita, the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Originally a Moorish mosque begun in AD 711,  when  Córdoba returned to Christian rule in 1236 during the Reconquista, the mosque was converted to a Roman Catholic church. In the 16th century, a Renaissance cathedral nave was built in the middle of the mosque.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition – Good Dog

Poor Belle, she sat by the sign as if she could read.

Well Behaved

Well Behaved

My brother’s dog Belle minding her beach manners. Taken at Big Mantrap Lake, Minnesota, during a family reunion.


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