Blue Squared #6

Minnesota Blues

Minnesota Blues

Join Becki’s July Squares: Blue #16. There are only two rules. The photo must be square and it must somehow be blue (color, theme, concept, etc.)

Backroads America: Chena Lakes

A Day at the Lake

Chena Lake is a man-made lake created in the 1970s when gravel was removed for the massive Chena River flood control dam/dike. The earthen filled dam is 7.1 miles long.

Chena Lake Recreation Area is a 2000 acre park with picnicking, camping boating, and swimming. My sister and her family love to kayak. I love to watch. 😎😎😎

Spiky Squares #31 – Final Spike

Spiky Stork

Marabou stork, Lake Nakura, Kenya

The marabou stork is sometimes called the “undertaker” bird because of its cloaked figure from behind. It is considered one of the “ugly five” in African safari lingo. This this case, unlike the wildebeest and the warthog, I have to agree.

Join Becky’s Spiky Squares #31.

Spiky Squares #30 – Reflection

Spiky Sunset

Sunset with lake grass, Big Mantrap Lake, Minnesota

Join Becky’s Spiky Squares #30.

Spiky Squares #27 – Cattail

Spiky Cattail

Spiky Cattail, Mississippi Headwaters, Minnesota

Join Becky’s Spiky Squares #27.

Summertime . . .

And the Livin’ is Easy


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