Candle Light Quiet

Candles, Il Duomo, Florence, Italy

Join Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102: A Quite Moment

I Colori Delicati

I Colori Delicati Del Palazzo Vecchio

Join Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #98: Delicate Colors

Passing the Time

I’ve been away from home for five months now so I have been passing the time with mobile pastimes, such as genealogy and photography. Going through the coronavirus pandemic with my sister while she recovers from unrelated medical issues has been great for both of use. Staying at home gets old, but doing it with someone else helps save one’s sanity.

The Tortoise and the Cat

I don’t have pets at home but for the last few months I have been bonding with Cleo the cat and Tortuga the desert tortoise. Cleo has made the grass catcher on the lawnmower her favorite sitting place. We don’t know why she loves it so much. Tortuga loves eating rose petals after his daily lettuce and fruit.

Family History and Genealogy

Working on the family tree has been possible through Ancestry. I love discovering new facts or documents related to my ancestors.

Trees, Fences, and Flowers

Being confined to a small area, I have taken to photographing tree bark and fence patterns. Funny the things you can see when you really look. Flowers are also favorites subjects. Something is always blooming in California. I’ve been using my smart phone. I haven’t picked up my DSLR in 5 months.

Join Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #97: Pastimes

Seeing the Crop

The Eye of the Beholder

Over the past few months I have been staying with one of my sisters in southern California. Since mid-March, we have been under state and county stay-at-home orders. My universe has been limited to the local neighborhood for photography. On a whim, I decided to explore details in tree bark and fence slats. I was surprised by what I found when I decided to see. Most of my recent posts have featured subjects I found in the trees and fences. The final images focus on a smaller section of the original shot, sometimes just a tiny detail. A comparison of the original and the final images demonstrate the power of cropping.

On the Fence: Behind the Curtain

The Man in the Renaissance Hat Tree

The Elephant Tree

Join Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #96: Cropping the Shot

Simplicity in Texture


Join Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #91: Simplicity

Celebrate Me Home

Home for the Holidays

The last two photographs were taken after both my parents had passed away and there was no home to go home to anymore. I still try to spend Christmas with at least one of my siblings and other family. Family, forever.

Join Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #75: Nostalgic

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