AI On My Mind #1: ImgCreator.AI

This is my attempt to forestall becoming a uninformed Luddite with regard to artificial intelligence (AI) and its positives and negatives when using existing images instead of text to generate new images. I’ve decide to explore some of the software options. Many free programs are available, though free is a fluid term. To produce higher quality, higher resolution, and sharper images, many programs charge credit based “fees.” I plan on using the same image of my nephew and grandniece as the starting image, if possible. If only text to image generation is available, I will use this prompt: Young bearded man wearing a blue shirt sitting outside on a porch holding his baby daughter. 

ImgCreator.AI (

I generated five different image styles using the base image and one based on the text prompt. Each try produced two images, one of each is below. I was charged 10 of my free 60 credits, but I am not sure for which image.

“Oil painting” Because the image does not clearly show the my niece is female, the child appears to be a boy in all but one instance.

“Illustration variation”

“Anime to photo” This is the most photo realistic but I think it is because I selected Anime as the category when the original is not.

“Anime Art” Most of the Anime options when using an image as the prompt are “girl” styles. Both figures are feminine.

“Anime Colorful” For the most part, the new images have a blue or dark shirt, a short beard, wavy hair and a lovely sunny background.

Text: Young bearded man wearing a blue shirt sitting outside on a porch holding his baby daughter. The two text based images. They are very different from the original. The second image added a woman and a pet.

Generally, I am pleased with the quality of the new images. The one negative for me is that without being able to specify that the child in the photo was a girl, the child generally appears to be a boy. There may be ways to edit the details of new images but that is still beyond me.


Lumière Dorée

The Louvre, Glowing, Paris, France

WPC: Glow

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