A Photo A Week: Extravagance


Portion of the Monstrance of Arfe, Treasury of Cathedral, Toledo, Spain

The lower section of La Custodia de Enrique de Arfe or  the Monstrance of Arfe.  The outer structure, which measures over ten feet tall, was made of solid silver and gilded. In the center stands a smaller, solid gold monstrance studded with gems and pearls. The inner monstrance belonged to Queen Isabella the Catholic and was brought to Toledo in 1505. The gothic style outer structure was  made by silversmith Enrique de Arfe between 1517–1524; the gilding was applied later in 1595. Legend has it that the monstrance was gilded with the first gold brought back from the New World by Columbus.  It is used to display a communion wafer on special occasions. The monstrance is/was paraded through the streets of Toledo in the annual feast of Corpus Christi.



A Photo A Week: Extravagance

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