A Photo A Week: Made By Hand

Hand Maiden

Saint Elizabeth Holding A Book, German, early-16th century, lindenwwood with polychrome and gilt, Morgan Library and Museum, New York, NY

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Wordless Wednesday

Light fixture, Morgan Library, New York City

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

America, The Beautiful

From the spruce forest of the interior of Alaska, to the windswept prairies of South Dakota, and on to the skyscrapers of New York City, I spent the last month traveling over 8500 air and land miles. The United States is a huge country with diverse and sometimes crazy land and cityscapes. I am lucky enough to have family living in many parts of the country. I flew to Fairbanks (North Pole), Alaska, then on to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I drove with one of my sisters from Sioux Falls to New York City. I took the train on the last leg of my journey back to Alexandria, Virginia. Blogging was low on my agenda because I love spending time with family and enjoying what this vast country has to offer. I attended two high school graduations, went camping, explored an eccentric sculpture park on the prairie, and visited the library of  a 19th/20th century financier and art patron. I topped off my month-long journey by experiencing (yes, not just seeing) Bette Midler in Hello, Dolly. The Divine Miss M is always an experience.


South Dakota

New York City

Grand Finale

Leaving the Theater, Hello Dolly with Bette Midler.

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