Tanzanian Blur

Driving By

Driving By,roadside vendors in a small town in Tanzania from 4X4 window, Africa

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Wonder of the Natural World


Migration, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

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Women’s March on Washington 2017

I was proud to join friends, family and 500,000 women, men and children for today’s Women’s March on Washington. It was an uplifting, peaceful and friendly march highlighting a wide-range of  social, economic and gender related themes.


Walking in Circles

Walking in Circles, Paris, France

Walking in Circles, Paris, France

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Harmonic Feet

Step in Time

Step in Time

Ballroom dancers in Jingshan Park, Beijing, China. On Sundays, locals meet in the park to dance, sing, exercise, and picnic.

WPC: Harmony

Travel Theme: Move

Rapid Retreat


Danger, Will Robinson

This isn’t the best photo but I love the movement  of the young desert-adapted African elephant.  This shot was taken at dusk in the Damaraland region of Namibia.


Travel Theme: Move

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