CB&WC: All Things Farm Related

Down on the Farm, In Color

Barn, Olana, New York

The same photo from the previous challenge, Lines and Angles, in color

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CB&WC: Lines and Angles

Down on the Farm

Barn, Olana, (home of American painter Fredric Church), New York

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CFFC: 4 Letter Words Starting With D


Old Door, Olana, New York

Olana, painter Frederic Church’s home in the Hudson River Valley, included a working farm. The farm was an integral part of Church’s 250-acre naturalistic landscape design. To read more about Church’s farm and landscape design, check out the Olana website.

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Penetrable Structure

“Pentretable” Structure

Variations, using a section of ‘Penetrable’ by Jesús Rafael Soto, on display at Olana, New York

Variations on ‘Penetrable’ by Jesús Rafael Soto, an oversized sculptural work consisting of yellow tubes flowing down from a square steel frame. The 1990 work has been shown around the world. I saw it at Olana, the home of painter Frederic Church, in New York’s Hudson River Valley. Visitors can move in and around the sculpture.


‘Penetrable’ by Jesús Rafael Soto

WPC: Structure

CBWC: Wheels

Old Farm Equipment

Old farm equipment, Olana farmstead, New York


CBWC: Wheels


Olana, home of American painter Frederic Church. Looking south down the Hudson River. Not the best light for photos.

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