OWPC: Hummingbird

Feeding Time

Hummingbird, Columbia County, New York

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OWPC: Horse

El Caballo

Owner of bull ranch, near Seville, Spain

As part of my tour of Southern Spain in April, we visited a ranch that raises bulls for bullfights. The owner happened to be at the ranch that day and personally gave us a tour. While I don’t approve of bullfighting, the ranch was a beautiful location. The house and other buildings are now rented for events.

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OWPC: Giraffe

Who’s Watching Whom?

Who’s Watching Whom, giraffes in Etosha National Park, Namibia, Africa

Fun fact: male giraffes have more male on male sex than male on female sex. They could be banned or worse in many states and countries.

OWPC: Giraffe



OWPC: Foreground


OWPC: Foreground

OWPC: Fairy

Reluctant Fairy

Reluctant Fairy, Trinidad, Cuba

Little fairy in Trinidad, Cuba. She was dressed up for a parade honoring the birthday of José Julián Martí Pérez (José Martí), a Cuban national hero.

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OWPC: Elder

Cuba Percussion

Drummer, Trinidad, Cuba

Drummer, Trinidad, Cuba

OWPC: Elder

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