Wordless Wednesday


The Curry Plant, a type of coleus, not the spice

Join Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Patterns in Nature

KindaSquare#11: Kind of Like Paisley

Paisley Shawl Coleus, Green Springs Garden, Fairfax, VA

Anyone have any suggestions for formating image captions in image blocks. Another bug in block formatting. I can’t make the caption show as just one line of text on the final post, though that’s how it shows on the draft. On an earlier post, when I inserted a heading block above an image, using H3 or H4 size type, the text was inserted between the image and the caption, instead of above the image. Sigh.

Join Becky’s October Squares: KindaSquare#11

KindaSquare#4: Kind of Like Fireworks

Nature Explodes

Variegated Pine Tree, Green Springs Gardens, Fairfax, Virginia

Join Becky’s October Squares KindaSquare#5


The Red Fox

In the Eye of the Beholder

The Cheetah Tree

The Eye of the Beholder

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