CFFC: Letter F – Fun or Flowers

Fun With Flowers

Pink Poppy

I recently purchased Topaz Studio (by Topaz Labs) and several of the preset collections. I have been having fun with the conceptual presets on some flower pictures I took this summer. I love the effects created.


Black-Eyed Susans


Join Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Letter F – Flowers or Fun



A Photo A Week: It All Depends on What You Want

Demanding Doñas

The Original with a few RAW processing tweeks

The Albumen Print Preset from On1 Photo Raw 2017

The Bokeh Large Preset from On1 Photo Raw 2017

This week Nancy’s (Nancy Merrill Photography) A Photo a Week Challenge is to play with post processing in a series of three photographs. I selected this group of women sitting along Boulevard  de San Rafael in Havana, Cuba. The Boulevard area is where locals shop (though many of the stores are closed or carry little merchandise) and hang out. I wandered down the boulevard and stopped to take instant pictures of a group of kids. The two women on the left kept hassling me to take their picture. I had a limited number of sheets of film but I gave in. Then the third woman joined them, and they started loudly demanding I take another picture. I did it, just to shut them up, and I then asked if I could take their picture. The woman on the left is holding one of the instant photos instead of looking at the camera. If the final of the three treatments seems a bit odd, it reflects my annoyance.


A Photo A Week: It All Depends on What You Want

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