The Music Men (and Women)

March On

I saw this band one evening near Rossio Square (Praça do Rossio, also known as Praça de D. Pedro IV). It was part of a small procession just getting ready to set off. The group was led by a young woman carrying flags and banners and an older woman. I have no idea what or who they were commemorating. If anyone does, let me know. Shortly after these pictures were taken, the group began walking north, destination unknown.



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Prelude to Holy Week, Seville, Spain

Procession of a Paso

Holy Week is woven into the culture of Seville and southern Spain. Ornate floats,  or pasos, are carried through the streets from local churches to the Cathedral.  Though it is Friday and Holy Week doesn’t start for two days, I saw a small procession tonight. Apparently, neighborhoods that aren’t in processions that enter the Cathedral parade the paso early. The paso is carried on poles by groups of men that can range from 20 to 50, depending on the size and weight of the paso.  The men are hidden under the hanging side drapes.

A paso dealing with the crucifixion is always first in a procession. Tonight it was the only one.

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