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Off the Beaten Path: Carbon Canyon Regional Park, County of Orange, California

The Life Cycle of a Coastal Redwood in Arid Southern California.

The Carbon Canyon Redwood Grove was planted in 1975 with seedlings donated by a bank. Today, 241 redwoods have survived the arid climate, though they will never reach the size of the redwoods living in the northern coastal climate. Earlier in the 20th century, the Carbon Canyon area was part of a booming oil production industry.

The Redwood Grove, planted 1975.

A giant tree that produces a very small seed cone. The soil here will not support growth from seeds.

Root burl from which seedlings grow.

Redwood seedlings

Walking path through grove.

Redwood bark on 48 year old tree.

The topography adjacent to the grove.

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Seeds (Someday)

Young Pine Cones

Young pine cone

Did you know that conifers have both male and female cones? What most of us refer to as a pine cone is actually the mature female cone that has dropped its seeds. After fertilization by the male cone (which produces pollen), the female pine cone develops seed scales that act as a protective shield for the new seeds. Resin flattens the scales until the seeds are mature, at which time the cone opens and the seeds fall to the forest floor or are carried away by the wind.

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