Lines Squared #11

Fishy Lines

Fresh fish, weekend market, Arles, France

Join Becky from The Life of B for October Sqares #11. There are only two rules. The image must be square and must relate to the October theme: lines&squares.

Thursday’s Special: Eye Contact

Fish Eye

Fish eyes, Saturday market, Arles, France

Fish eyes, Saturday market, Arles, France

I can’t stand it if my food is looking at me so I decided to acclimate myself to food with eyes. Fish (don’t know what kind) at the Saturday market in Arles, France.

Thursday’s Special: Eye Contact

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge-Week 24: Open

An Outside Table

Restaurant, Burano, Italy

Restaurant, Burano, Italy

Outside seating at a restaurant on Burano, an island near Venice, Italy. I assume it served seafood because the facade was covered with depictions of fish and marine life.

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge-Week 24: Open

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