The Last Photo

Last photo on my Samsung S22 Ultra.
3:15 pm December 31, 2022. Near North Pole, Alaska.

Wordless Wednesday

Summer on the Slough

Moose sighting

Female moose munching in the slough in my sister’s backyard. Alaska nature. Not the best photo but she was in the distance.

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Calm

Winter Calm at Sunrise

Winter Calm

Winter Calm

Winter calm along a slough near North Pole, Alaska

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Calm 

Color Your World: Cornflower

Cornflower Ice

Snow and Ice

Snow and Ice

Cornflower blue ice on a slough near North Pole, Alaska.

Jennifer’s Color Your World Challenge: Cornflower

Color Your World: Blush and Blue

Blush and Blue


Sunset Sky, Near North Pole, Alaska


Jennifer’s Color Your World Challenge: Blush and Blue

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