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A Star Is Born



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Holiday Music I Love # 1

I am a bit short in holiday spirit this year. Glum about the United States, the world, the environment . . .  I could go on. So, to help my mood I am going to post some of my favorite Christmas and Holiday songs. They won’t be in any special order, just ones I have played and replayed over the years. Some of them might be religious, even though I’m not. But the spirit of giving, celebrating, sharing, and caring (that is Christmas to me) is in all of us, regardless of our faith or lack thereof.  Such is Give Me A Star by Bebe & Cece Winans.  Today I am looking for my star.

Give Me A Star


Hugh’s 51 Weeks:51 Hits from the Past – Week 24

The INCOMPARABLE, The Divine Miss M

I have loved her from the beginning. I remember when I first saw Bette Midler in the early 1970s on the Johnny Carson show.  I was in high school  and would stay up whenever I knew she was going to be on the show.  She is my hero because she has persevered in an industry that is not kind to anyone who doesn’t fit the mold—so she broke it. I have seen her perform live five times between 1981, in concert in Los Angeles,  and 2017, in Hello, Dolly on Broadway. Her energy is incredible, her desire to connect with the audience is palpable, her comic timing is impeccable, her voice is unforgettable. Does my adulation show?

Hugh’s 51 Weeks:51 Hits from the Past – Week 24

Color Your World 2017: Asparagus

Autumn star

Holiday Star

Holiday Star

Jennifer’s 2017 Color Your World Challenge: Color

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