Celebrate Me Home

Home for the Holidays

The last two photographs were taken after both my parents had passed away and there was no home to go home to anymore. I still try to spend Christmas with at least one of my siblings and other family. Family, forever.

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Happy 2018

For Auld Lang Syne

2017 has ended. We have all survived, I hope. Welcome to 2018. Wishing my family, friends, fellow bloggers and anyone looking at this post a wonderful and prosperous new year.


CBWC: Older Than 50

Past the Half-Century Mark

It finally happened, we are all over 50 years of age.

It finally happened, we are all over 50 years of age.

No, it’s not the tractor or the barn—it’s the sisters. As of last May, all six of us are over 50 years of age. We range from 62 to 50. I’m the oldest but I stopped doing birthdays years ago because I don’t want to be categorized by my age, I just want to be seen as a person. I think not being an age allows me to think young(er) and to be more open to change.

CBWC: Older Than 50

Travel theme: Laughter

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine

When my sisters and I get together, we laugh a lot. This picture was taken when we were gathered in Minnesota for my grandmother’s funeral. Not to worry, we weren’t laughing at the reason we were together (after all, grandma was 104) but laughing because we were together.

Travel theme: Laughter

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