Holiday Season Has Arrived – Music Required

We All Need a Bit of Santa This Year

Thanksgiving Day officially starts the holiday season in the U.S. It is a day when family get together to eat turkey and take a nap. But there are more to come, and they all deserve some musical cheer. So, no matter which holiday or holidays you observe in the coming weeks, celebrate them with some music. I posted this song two years ago when I first heard it, but I love its upbeat message and melody. It’s worthy of another listen. We all need a little Santa in our lives these days.

In The Distance

New Mexico

View From The Train

New Mexico Landscape from Amtrak Train, Upper Level

Join Nancy’s A Photo A Week: On The Horizon

California Dreaming

Sunrise about 6:45 am west of Barstow, California. Near the end of my train journey.

Backroads America

The Sandia Mountains just east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Late afternoon.

I discovered that if I set my phone camera to “sport” and hold it against the window, the spots on the glass and the reflections don’t show. Color enhanced with Snapseed.

Backroads America

Wide open spaces:

New Mexico

East of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Railroad Ruminations

I have decided to go for atmosphere over focus and clarity, both of which are hard to achieve on a moving train. Last night departing Kansas City about 10 pm.

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