Passing Trains

View From My Window

Train going the opposite direction on a bridge, from my Amtrak sleeper car window.


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Three in Thirds

Whistling Grain Bins

Grain Bins from the Train, rural Iowa

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Square Perspective #10

Grain From The TRain

Views of a rural agricultural storage facility (called grain elevators and grain bins) in Illinois. The shots were taken from my room in the Amtrak sleeper car. We were getting close to Chicago but this wasn’t a stop so I am not sure of the exact location.

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Only one rule, the image must be square.

On the Rails Again

Homeward Bound

Taking the train from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. A three night journey from coast to coast. After 6 months in southern California, I’m on my way back to Virginia. I decided to go the slow way. This is about one hour out of LA looking south.

Holiday Season Has Arrived – Music Required

We All Need a Bit of Santa This Year

Thanksgiving Day officially starts the holiday season in the U.S. It is a day when family get together to eat turkey and take a nap. But there are more to come, and they all deserve some musical cheer. So, no matter which holiday or holidays you observe in the coming weeks, celebrate them with some music. I posted this song two years ago when I first heard it, but I love its upbeat message and melody. It’s worthy of another listen. We all need a little Santa in our lives these days.

In The Distance

New Mexico

View From The Train

New Mexico Landscape from Amtrak Train, Upper Level

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