Zanzibar is a Man’s World

Young men swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. They mingle and travel in noisy groups on this Saturday night. I think I am the only unaccompanied woman on the the boardwalk as I return to my hotel after dinner, only about 7:30.

I pass the Stone Town night market, an outdoor food market, with Zanzibar pizza the hot seller.

Wordless Wednesday

Yo, Ho, Ho and A Barrel of Rum

Barrel on deck of sailboat on the canal at Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Pink October for Breast Cancer Awareness

Nyhavn Sunset Pink

Nyhavn Sunset, Copenhagen, Denmark

For my sister Lisa who is an 8-year survivor.

Join Terri’s Sunday Stills: Make Mine Pink, in honor of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month

K’lee & Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Break of Dawn

Dawn Breaks At Eminönü

Ferries, Eminönü waterfront, Istanbul, Turkey

Idle ferries at Istanbul’s Eminönü waterfront, at the southern end of the Galata Bridge, a major dock for ferries that cross the Bosphorus to and from the Asian suburbs.

Join K’lee & Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Break of Dawn

Color Your World 2017: Indigo and Blue Violet

Havana’s Port at Dawn

Dawn along the port waterfront, Havana, Cuba

Jennifer’s 2017 Color Your World Challenge: Indigo and Blue Violet


Balloons Busted By Bullets

Target shooting balloons along the waterfront in Istanbul, Turkey.

Apparently shooting balloons with real bullets is a popular activity in Istanbul. I hope it doesn’t catch on around in other places.

WPC: Broken

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