Waiting for the Wedding

Bari, Puglia, Italy

Thursday’s Special’s August Words

Street Art, Porto, Portugal



Looking into the Douro Valley, Portugal



Impala Herd, Maasai Mara, Kenya



My nephew’s Wedding, Fairbanks, Alaska, June 2019



My nephew’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor, LaGrange, New York, August 2019


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Faux Flowers

Bridal Shower Favors, painted by my sister

Bridal shower favors, painted by my sister. We gave a bridal shower for my nephew’s fiance when I was in Alaska in June. My sister paints glass and she and the bride-to-be painted the ornaments. Wild roses from Alaska.

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Dancing Down the Aisle

Zest for Life

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SL-Week 43: Wedding

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the Cake

My parents cutting their wedding cake, May 1952.

SL-Week 43: Wedding

Split-Second Story: Waiting

Waiting for the Wedding

Waiting for the Wedding

Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story


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