Renaissance Windows

Natural Light

Living Room, c. 1625 The Mayor’s House, Den Gamble By, Aarhus, Denmark

Renaissance living room, c. 1625, in The Mayor’s House at Den Gamble By (The Old Town), Aarhus, Denmark.

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Color Your World 2018: 120 Days of Crayola – Navy Blue

Navy Blue Holiday Window

Lord & Taylor Window, December 2016, New York City

A 2016 Christmas window in Lord & Taylor’s Manhattan flagship store (for the moment). Lord & Taylor is the oldest department store in the United States, its first store opening in 1824 in New York City. In 1914, it moved into its Fifth Avenue store, which is well known for its Christmas windows. Declines in the department store retail sector and the rise of  internet shopping resulted in the 2017 sale of the Manhattan main store to a shared economy startup called WeWork. Lord & Taylor will lease about a quarter of the space for a store. The rest will be given over to shared working spaces for gig economy workers and bright young entrepreneurs who need lounges with bars, game tables, and fancy water in order to feel comfortable at work.

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B&W Sunday: Traces of the Past

Saints in Stained Glass

Triforium stained glass windows, St. Severin, Paris, France

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Venetian Windows at Dawn

Windows, Ground level, Doge’s Palace, Venice, Italy

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Variations ON A Theme

Windows, Salzburg, Austria


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Twin Set

Reflection, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Spain

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