Old Cairo

The abulation hall and minaret of the Ahmed ibn Tulin mosque, built in 867. The external circular stairway on the minaret is unique.

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temple offerings

Temple Offerings, Hanoi, Vietnam

Temple Offerings, Hanoi, Vietnam

In the courtyard of a small Buddhist temple in Hanoi, Vietnam, vendors sell fruit, tea, flowers, incense, and fake money to be used as offerings to ancestors and gods. The offerings help insure a the welfare of spirits in the afterlife.  Paper replicas of dollar notes (‘ghost money’), motorbikes, cars, houses and other earthly items can be found. The paper gifts are burnt so the smoke can carry the spirit of the gifts to heaven for use by the ancestors. Ancestor worship is an integral part of Vietnamese culture.

A Photo A Week: Red

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Sri Maha Bodhi – 2300 Years and Counting

The Bodhi Tree, over 2300 years old.

The Bodhi Tree, over 2300 years old.

Sri Maha Bodhi, the Bodhi Tree at Anuradhpura, Sri Lanka, was planted in 288 BC, making it the oldest verified flowering plant. A branch of the Bodhi tree under which Buddha obtained enlightenment was brought to Sri Lanka and has flourished for more than 2300 years.  

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